New to Social Media? Check out these 10 Steps To Get Started

Building your social following does not need to be difficult, but it can be intimidating. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to Pintrest, and Instagram to name a few, social media is everywhere and growing.

Here are a few simple things you should be doing if you aren't already.

1. Identify popular posts to get more shares: Getting new fans often comes down to how often your content gets shared. A tool like Fanpage Karma can help you identify the most popular posts in your niche.

2. Link to your social media accounts on your Contact and About Us pages: These visitors are already reaching out to you; give them another way to connect with you.

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3. Be responsive: Posting engaging content is just one piece of the puzzle. Respond to questions, comments, and complaints in a timely manner.

4. Hold giveaways and contests: Hold contests and make liking your Page or following your Twitter account a requirement for entry. Rafflecopter is a fantastic tool for this. According to a 2013 Nielsen survey conducted for Twitter,52 percent of users follow brands to be notified of special offers and promotions, 38 percent follow to take part in competitions, and 33 percent follow for access to freebies. Three years ago this survey was done and the numbers continue to grow.

5. Create topical boards on Pinterest: When naming Pinterest boards, be sure to target keywords people are actually searching for. To see what people are looking for, start typing possible keywords into the Pinterest search box, and see which keywords are auto-suggested.

6. Reshare other people's content: Share posts, images, and tweets from other businesses, and they'll be more likely to share yours. You will be seeing alot of this from me so send me all you've got.

7. Actively find and follow others: Don't just count on others to find you; go out and actively find others in your niche whom you can follow and engage with.

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8. Cross-promote with a complimentary business in your niche: Connect with other businesses in your niche and promote each other's social media content.

9. Be a source of trending content and breaking news: Set up Facebook Interest lists and follow leading industry sources on Twitter, and then share breaking news with your followers.

10. Use humor: Evoking emotions (positive or negative) through your posts is great for increased sharing; however, posting funny or happy content will net you more sharing overall.

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